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May 21, 2015

Sometimes, doctors and hospitals have financial relationships with health care manufacturing companies. These relationships can include money for research activities, gifts, speaking fees, meals, or travel. The Social Security Act requires CMS to collect information from applicable manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in order to report information about their financial relat... (read more)

The downloads contain the National Provider Identifier (NPI) and legal name (last name, first name) of all physicians and non-physician practitioners who are of a type/specialty that is legally eligible to order and refer Part B (clinical laboratory and imaging), DME and HHA claims, in the Medicare program and who have current enrollment records in Medicare (i.e., they have enrollment records i... (read more)

May 27, 2015

SNOMED CT stands for Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms. It is a comprehensive clinical terminology, originally created by the College of American Pathologists and then transferred to the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO) which intends to be the standard source of ... (read more)

The Medicare Claims Files contain information collected by Medicare to pay for health care services provided to a Medicare beneficiary. In order to protect the PHI of Medicare beneficiaries this data set is unavailable for simple download. Access is limited to specific research efforts which is governed by ResDAC, and organization that exists for that purpose alone.

We include this d... (read more)

The Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandated the adoption of standard unique identifiers for health care providers and health plans. The purpose of these provisions is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the electronic transmission of health information. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (C... (read more)

May 21, 2015

These are the official datasets used on the Nursing Home Compare Website provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These data allow you to compare the quality of care at every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country, including over 15,000 nationwide. (read more)

May 21, 2015

RxNorm provides normalized names for clinical drugs and links its names to many of the drug vocabularies commonly used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software, including those of First Databank, Micromedex, MediSpan, Gold Standard Drug Database, and Multum. By providing links between these vocabularies, RxNorm can mediate messages between systems not using the same software and voc... (read more)

The FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) is a database that contains information on adverse event and medication error reports submitted to FDA. The database is designed to support the FDA's post-marketing safety surveillance program for drug and therapeutic biologic products. The informatic structure of the FAERS database adheres to the international safety reporting guidance issued by t... (read more)

May 14, 2015

DocGraph teaming data shows how healthcare providers who bill Medicare cooperate to deliver care to their patients. Essentially, the teaming dataset documents Medicare providers who share patients in a given year. The result of this is a data structure that data scientist call a weighted directed graph of relationships. To be more specific, the method used to generate the graph converts the bi-... (read more)

May 21, 2015

The Physician Compare National Downloadable file includes general information, such as demographic information and Medicare quality program participation, for individual eligible professionals (EPs). The Physician Compare 2013 Public Reporting downloadable file provides the 2013 Physician Quality Report System (PQRS) Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) performance rates for the three Diabete... (read more)