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Richard Trotter

February 25 at 4:50am

Thanks Daniel, we have updated the link!

Daniel Ludwinski

January 31 at 7:49pm

The link you have is dead. The data can be downloaded here:

Richard Trotter

December 18 at 7:07pm

Conor, more information can be found on the blog post here: Also, the download page(the Get Data button) lists date ranges, row counts, and time spans. Thanks!

Conor Scotland

December 15 at 9:59pm

Sorry Richard, but where exactly is the extended documentation for this data? Thanks.

Richard Trotter

June 25 at 6:23pm

Arushi, thanks for pointing out that the NPI Second column was out of place. We have fixed the display bug so it's in the right place now! We have also added a link to extended documentation on the DocGraph dataset description page. You will be able to find the answers to your questions there.

Arushi Jain

June 15 at 7:10pm

Hello! Could you please elaborate on what the columns in this dataset signify? For example, is "Total Patients" referring to total number of patients in a month or year? And what exactly does "Same Day Total" and "Shared Transaction Cost" refer to? Another confusion is around the "NPI Second" column - the number in the data does't look like a NPI number. Thank you for your help.

Greg Slawek
Reviewed -Open Payments Data

June 9 at 5:37pm

I can haz NPI? Unless I'm mistaken, the law states the NPI is to be submitted with this data (i) The name of the covered recipient. (ii) The business address of the covered recipient and, in the case of a covered recipient who is a physician, the specialty and National Provider Identifier of the covered recipient. ...